WEB3.0 Decentralized Autonomous Organization DAO

Our NFTs

We issued a total of two series of NFTs, namely Polar Dream Bear (identity rights NFT) and Polar Dream Bear NFT (collectible).



Utility: DAO Credentials

Mint: Free



Utility:DAO and Airdrop Credentials

Mint:Not Free



Utility:DAO and Airdrop Credentials

Mint:Not Free



Utility:Contributors and Voting

Mint:Free and Airdrop

Fantasy Bear

Fur: white
Background: yellow
Mouth: smiling
Eyes: happy

Fantasy Bear

Fur: purple
Clothing: basketball jersey
Background: yellow
Mouth: unopened
Eyes: boring

Fantasy Bear

Fur: green
Clothes: Camouflage Fir
Background: Teal
Mouth: unopened
Eyes: Laser-eye mask

Fantasy Bear

Fur: white
Clothing: plaid shirt
Background: sky blue
Mouth: smiling
Eyes: happy

About MpaceDAO

MpaceDAO is an investment DAO platform built on the ETH-EVM blockchain.

Through crowdfunding virtual land and non-fungible digital assets such as NFT, to invest and fund Web3 ecological projects, and contribute to ecological development and the interests of DAO members. The vision of Mpace is to break the unfairness and opacity of traditional investment institutions and create an investment DAO platform that is jointly decided by community members.


The decision makers of investments shift from a single leader to rely on community voting and consensus.


The assets held are housed in a multi-signature decentralized asset management.


MpaceDAO is not a company and it does not have a single leader. MpaceDAO is a collection of contributors. Contributors will hold the community’s equity class NFTs.


Mpace’s vision is to break the unfairness and opacity of traditional investment institutions and create an investment DAO that is jointly decided by community members.


Our future will be even stronger.

Q4 2021

  • DAO community building
  • DAO development direction

Q1 2022

  • NFT on-chain deployment
  • NFT Mint goes live
  • DAO Governance Contribution Discussion
  • Community DID on-chain identity development
  • Governance Token Airdrop

Q2 2022

  • Donation project investment research contribution
  • DAO treasury management proposal
  • Donate to the Metaverse Land Project
  • Community User DID Homepage Launched
  • Highly interactive and integrated website launch
  • Governance Token Community Airdrop

Q3 2022

  • Community Core Contributors Expand
  • List of DAO's second batch of donation projects
  • Building the DAO's MetaVerse headquarters
  • Governance Token Community Airdrop
  • Treasury expands fundraising LP

Q4 2022

  • List of DAO's third batch of donation projects
  • Community Endowment Fund Expansion Program
  • DGovernance Token Community Airdrop

Q1 2023

  • Launch Metaverse
  • Launch GameFi


Our researchers

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Which wallets can I use for Mint NFT?

By connecting your WEB3.0 wallet such as MetaMask, TokenPocket or Imtoken, choose the ETH network, and use ETH to pay Gas and Mint fees.

How many NFTs are there in MpaceDAO?

We issued a total of two series of NFTs, namely, Polar Dream Bears (identity rights NFTs) with a number of 4,100, which are the identity certificates for DAO users to obtain airdrops, governance rights and OG contributors in the community. Polar Fantasy Bear NFT (collectible), the number is 5000, each NFT has a different rarity and appearance, as a member of MpaceDAO in the MetaVerse unique social avatar and identity Wenhua display.

Where can I sell the NFTs I own?

MINT's successful NFTs will be stored in your own wallet and owned by you. You can sell NFTs on the secondary market based on the ETH network. We will announce what the secondary market will be after it goes live.

How can I get regular updates on upcoming NFT launches, giveaways and airdrops?

To receive regular updates, please join the official Discord community server, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact Discord Community Management via #FAQ;

What makes MpaceDAO NFT stand out from the competition?

The NFT that MpaceDAO hopes to launch is able to bring more utility and rights to each NFT-holding user, and give back to the contributions of DAO members. We are committed to using DAO to open and transparent governance to realize the community's shared NFT value.

What is the role of a researcher at MpaceDAO?

Researchers are the core contributors to Mpace. They are composed of a group of data engineers, token economists, NFT collectors, Metaverse investors, industry analysts and DAD researchers. They will occasionally produce investments in the fields of Web3, DAO, and MetaVerse. research report. In the second phase of the MpaceDAO roadmap, fellows will assist the DAO in exploring/evaluating investment opportunities in the primary market and will be paid based on the performance of the portfolio.

How does MpaceDAO maintain a balance between decentralized governance and efficiency?

We believe that a good DAO should have a clear governance structure to authorize tasks, and formulate a responsible mechanism, so that DAO members can collaborate efficiently and govern fairly. Regarding the proposal voting mechanism, the DAO committee members will make proposals to ensure the quality of proposals and reduce Too many proposals lead to decision fatigue among members. Secondly, the committee will submit the proposal to the community for voting, and we will give positive rewards to the voting members, so that everyone can realize DAO2Earn and be willing to be responsible for the proposal.


Our Partner

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Our Mission

Focus on investing in NFTs such as MetaVerse digital land,
In the future, it will contribute to more WEB3.0 ecology and make great contributions